Sweet Ladies Pearl Clutch Bag

Clutch Bags for Women – Clutches

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The clutch bag unlike regular handbags, purses, tote bags or crossbody bags, is much smaller, much more elegant…like a stylish bag version.

The clutch bag’s use ranges from elegant situations to general shopping purposes and its lack of actual practicality in terms of what you can store and carry in them is easily forgotten by the fact that it delivers a strong fashion statement for every woman that respects herself.

There are many reasons why a woman would buy a clutch bag instead of the more traditional handbags or totes. To begin with, clutches are no hassle to carry around and they can be a great accessory to almost all outfits.

Beginning from a sport outfit along which a clutch wallet or a simple black clutch bag would fit, to elegant and sparkling looks for fancy parties or special events with a gold or silver shiny clutch.

Aside however from practical reasons, the clutch bag is perfect for making a difference in your fashion look.

To that end, women can use these small pouches to boost their morale and attract attention through sparkly diamonds encrusted on the bags, to vivid, shiny colours that can catch everyone’s attention. Besides the fact that their size is very small, a gold clutch for example will output glamour in the eyes of passersby and can certainly contribute to an increased perception of the wearer’s prestige.

It’s amazing how such a small accessory like clutches can bring so much to the table in terms of a fashion statement.

Ladies Casual Clutch Bag

Ladies Casual Clutch Bag

What Is a Clutch Bag and What Is It Used For?

Clutch bags are a mix between a wallet and an actual purse, clutches are defined as a handbag without handles or a strap although some designs have one. The small bags are usually slim and comes in various shapes and sizes, but it’s almost always smaller than regular handbags.

In most cases, they can fit easily in the palm of your hand, and if not, they can be easily carried by a single hand. Clutch purses usually have a fold-over closure mechanism instead of the regular zippers found in most modern bags.

The primary use of clutch bags is for stylish, elegant occasions. That’s because they’re unobtrusive to an otherwise elegant gown and do not mask your overall look while instead clutches complement it fully. An envelope clutch for example would absolutely fit with almost any evening outfit, enhancing a classical look while still being practical enough to carry around an assortment of toiletries.

Occasions like prom dances, evening soirees, weddings and receptions are perfect instances where women can show off their favourite elegant clutch bags. Golden clutches, leather pouches, a stylish, yet simple black clutch or even the aforementioned envelope clutch can be the perfect companion to your stylish looks and ensembles and they will serve your needs at these sorts of modern society events.

On the other hand, clutch bags are the must accessory on the Red Carpet, Oscars and in almost all celebrity events. Despite their small size, clutches can give women a “lethal” fashion “weapon”.


Sweet Ladies Pearl Clutch Bag

Sweet Ladies Pearl Clutch Bag

Clutch Bags: Types and Colours

Depending on each personality’s preferred designs, clutch bags can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. The most extravagant fashionistas will probably go for crocodile clutches, while those who want to create a more subtle look will probably choose a mauve or dark red velvet or suede clutch.

One of the most interesting version of clutch bags is the clutch tote bag which combines features of the ever-popular and relaxed tote bag by attaching a small handle to the otherwise elegant clutch.

Evening clutches are usually manufactured in elegant designs, using diamante, leather or satin materials. Clutch bags are, like everything else in fashion, available in all colours and combinations. From darker tones to bright colours like gold, silver, shiny red or plain white and black.

Clutches can fit well along with both extravagant dresses and elegant outfits. Clutch bags in pink, nude or purple are the perfect fashion statement for those women that like to attract attention without having go to extreme choices.

Clutch purses have a huge variety of uses and come in handy for a wide array of occasions and events. It’s up to your creativity and personal taste to find the right clutch handbag for the right occasion.