Four Bags a Fashionista Can't Do Without

Four Bags a Fashionista Can’t Do Without

01/07/2021 Off By ameuorderadmin

While we’re not talking about your secret crush, a crush it is for sure. A bag is a woman’s third arm and it literally bears her whole world.

The Multi-Tasker

Always dependable and never lets you down, the tote bag with all its space is your go-to bag for all your needs. Use it as a gym bag, beach carries on or for long days at the mall. If you’re getting away for the weekend, this essential is a great replacement for your bulky suitcase. Be sure to pick one with sturdy handles. You don’t want it tearing off if your bag is too full, which, let’s face it, will be more often than not.
Arm it with – A cutesy beach maxi and strappy sandals or with a tee, shorts and sneakers trio.



The Little Wonder

A clutch is a perfect companion for dinner, a date or a fun night out dancing with the girls. It doesn’t need to fit more than your lipstick, phone and ID, but it definitely needs to make a statement and be fabulous. You could also show off your statement clutch with a sequined mini and a tank top for a night at the club. It goes well with all your Indian ensembles as well.



The Strapped

Oh, the feeling of having a bag and still being hands-free! Yes, girlies, the cross-body bag is just that. You can text, carry a cup of coffee and your laptop – still ensuring you have all you need in your satchel. Go for one that is large enough to carry your seven-inch tablet, lest you stuff it a bit too much and give your shoulder the hourly ache.
Arm it with – The casual pants and shirts look or with a tube skirt and top that is ideal for that upcoming concert. Throw on a pair of wedges to keep it casual.



The Mid-Sized Must Have

The hobo bag is somewhat of a tote and cross-body hybrid. The slouchy silhouette usually comes with a single strap to be worn on your shoulder. It can be dressed up or down and worn absolutely anywhere, except at a cocktail party perhaps. Invest in a leather Hobo for a 9-5 look or lunch with your boyfriend’s parents and go for a more casual, textured fabric one with the quintessential crescent shape for a more relaxed affair. Arm it with – The hobo bag looks great with pinstriped trousers for work and a classic pussy-bow blouse and skirt duo for brunch.