Your A to Z Guide to All Kinds Of Handbags for Women

Your Guide to Kinds of Handbags for Women

25/06/2021 Off By ameuorderadmin


At the cost of sounding just a tad over-dramatic, I’d like to state that a handbag is more than just a purse to a woman, it’s her portable world packed in a safety net. Think about it, whether you’re stopping by for a quick check-in on your BFF, or somehow ended up stranded amid a literal cyclone, as long as your bag is by your side, you have everything you need. Unlike men who quickly grab their keys and wallet, stuff them into their unbelievably large pockets and dash out of the door, women are a lot more watchful of what they take along with them. From lip balm for chapped lips to an emergency stash of makeup, and from hoarded tissues to sanitary napkins, a lot is going on in a woman’s handbag. Not to mention, keys, wallet, water, sunscreen, phone charger, earphones, mint, hairpins, and…. I’m out of breath!


So many words to say one thing, handbags are important. Besides, useful or not, it’s certainly a very versatile accessory you can use to effortlessly play up your outfit. But hold on to that thought, how in the world are you going to shop for bags if you don’t really know what your options are? I mean, sure, you CAN do it, but being armed with knowledge about every kind you can invest in, sounds like an important step to building an impressive bag collection, no? If you’re aggressively nodding in response to that question, we’re here with just what you need. You no longer need to vaguely describe to your friends, how the purse you spotted in your favorite store looked. Because there exists a word for it, and here’s the inventory of all types of handbags that will help you find it!


Basic Must-Haves


1. Tote Bag

Every woman needs to have a reliable tote bag with ample storage space, that’s also super-comfortable to carry around. For those who don’t know, a tote bag is a large, unfastened bag with two parallel shoulder handles on either side. It’s an extremely versatile bag to invest in, perfect for any occasion that demands you to carry more than a few things, whether it’s shopping around the city, heading out for a class or just going to work.




2. Shoulder Bag

This is perhaps the most basic essential bag for every woman to have in her closet. It comes with all the trimmings you’d commonly associate with a generic handbag, such as zippered pockets, compartments and a mechanism to seal it shut. As the name suggests, this is a casual bag meant to be carried on one shoulder with thinner and shorter straps than that of a tote bag. Shoulder bags are a very wide-ranging category and comprise an assortment of silhouettes and sizes.



3. Saddle Cross-Body Bag

Now, you might not have known the word “saddle”, but in India, these bags have been clubbed under sling bags for as long as I can recall. The name of this bag originates from the traditional saddle placed on the back of a horse, and is called so because of the original purpose it was created for, to carry a few basic things while riding a horse! But now, several classier makeovers and sophisticated designs later, the saddlebag is a must-have fashion accessory. The characteristic feature of a saddlebag is a front flap that folds over and can be fastened with a clasp. They’re usually relatively small and come with long cross-body straps.



4. Satchel Bag

Another popular classic, a satchel bag is a sort of like a soft-sided briefcase. It’s a large bag usually used for casual occasions and comes with a big-ish loose sack connected to a pair of straps. Traditional satchels have a long strap that you can carry diagonally across your body, while contemporary bag trends have seen several modern variations with tweaks to the basic form. Satchel bags are relatively roomier than your average handbag, and the rectangular body comes with a flat bottom.



5. Hobo Bag

Made with a soft, elastic material, a hobo bag is typically large with a slouched body in a crescent shape, and ordinarily has a long strap to be worn over the shoulder. The soft material of a hobo bag tends to slump when it’s set down. It usually has one spacious compartment, sealed with a singular zipper, and are named after the bindles traditionally carried by homeless people on a stick. In 2021 hobo bags are just as fashionably relevant, with a plethora of sizes, silhouettes and textures in style.